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Monday, April 5, 2010

Privacy Policy For

Privacy Policy For

Dear user, that of the site since its launch his policy followed to preserve user privacy and confidentiality that he wants to maintain its data or materials that we have saved on condition that follows the terms and conditions of use and should not be caused by leakage of information by him or by his computer or network information or knowledge.

Services our site! , That all our services are completely free and does not require you to enter any data containing information about the real personality or data bank or credit.
Information requested from or provided by you, is not required in any section of the site making any real data to your personality with the exception of your email for the purpose of contacting you at any required notifications or alerts from us.
Commitment to the site, the site is committed to all its services to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of user data or materials stored on site and undertake not to leakage in any form to any third party, and is also committed to preserving them from damage or deletions as long as the item has not violated any of the terms of the use.
Storage and lifting and share images and files, allows you to our web site for uploading a high degree of confidentiality of the file after submission while the program is to change the name immediately after the adjournment of the picture and put the file under a custom name and link to download the file after that, to maintain the confidentiality of the file after removed from any attempts to predict the file name, where the images or the file would be the link leading to it through a multi-link numbers and complex characters like password ow522jt9vo, can only be reached Uploader same file or a network of knowledge that the uploader distributing the file link to them.

Special announcements
Google AdSense, ads on Google that show the site, and you are always the development of Google's announcement of this technology, the Soviets picked Google Inc. evolved its technology to be used interest-based ads, targeted ads will help the concerns of users, advertisers access to users based on these concerns ( such as sports fans), and allows advertisers the chance to show their ads based on previous user interactions with Web sites such as visits to advertisers. As a complement to interest-based advertising, we offer advertising Preferences Manager, which allows users to view and modify the categories of interest.
Due to this Please note that ...
1) use
Google, as an external resource, profiles links to display ads on the site

2) will be able to
Google, using the cookie DART, from ads to users based on their visits to your sites and other sites on the Internet

3) Users can disable the use of the DART cookie by visiting the privacy policy of the
Google ad and content network.

Please note that if you use a new computer, or you install a new browser, or you clear the cookie on your browser or clad (including upgrading certain browsers), you'll need to opt out of the DART cookie again. And follow the opt-out process with all these browser.

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